Demented High-Elf Monk


Race: Elf
Class: Monk (Way of the Open Hand)
Alignment: Chaotic Neutral


As a young child, Rhia was prone to wild visions that her Winter Court mother viewed as heretical. To avoid tarnishing their family’s name, Rhia was shipped off to the monastery in the hopes she’d be indoctrinated out of her crazy ideas. It only made them worse.

As she grew up she kept trying new ways to enhance her visions—meditation, pain, starvation. Eventually she found a drug that made them so vivid they lingered for days. But she became such a disruption at the monastery that they quietly made her leave, under the pretext of embarking on a spiritual quest.

Her parents pretty much abandoned her and she has very little memory of them anyway, since she was barely old enough to talk when she was sent there. She has no idea who they are or what became of the rest of her family, if they even still exist.

Her family is the last thing on her mind, however. What she cares about most is chasing her next vision, and for that she needs Ghostweed.


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