Katla Brahe

Female, Human, Eldritch Knight with a trace of Goliath Blood


STR 16 DEX 15 CON 16 INT 16 WIS 8 CHA 12
Level 1
Preferred weapon: 2 weapon fighting
Armor – Chain Mail 16; Attack 5; Damage +3 (Two Weapon Fighting add damage to 2nd atk)
Second Wind 1d10
lvl heal / short rest
Saves – proficiency in STR and CON
Trained Skills Athletics, History, Intimidation, Persuasion
Gaming Set (Dragonchess)
Languages: Common, Draconic, and …

Background: Noble
Personality Trait: despite my noble birth, I do not place myself above other folk. We all have the same blood.
Ideal: I must prove that I can handle myself without the coddling of my family
Bond: Nothing is more important than the other members of my family
Flaw: I hide a truly scandalous secret that could ruin my family forever

Missing Relative and Lost God, maybe Dragon Egg

Missing Relative
prerequisite: any
Last year, a close relative joined an adventuring band known The Seven Shield and Maidens. This band headed off to The Twisted Tower of T’Tocs for glory, but never returned. You are determined to find out the fate of your relative.
Who is this relative?
**Brother that is in line to Inherit; What is your hope of their safe return?

Lost God
prerequisite: not a cleric or paladin
Your family has passed down a prayer hymn for generations, but always in secret. The prayer was to a god you’ve never heard anybody else speak of. You always thought it was just a quaint family myth. However, you recently had a dream of a shrine to this god was in the The Twisted Tower of T’Tocs. You feel driven to discover the truth of this shrine.
Who is this deity that you have dreamed of?
**Our Family has always “thanked” our most famous Valkyrie ancestor “Brima” who embodies the concepts of Strenght and Family / Protection. I receive a message from Brima through my dreams and since she has always been my ‘Idol’, I follow willingly hoping she will lead me to further rewards to support my Family. Subtext: since this occurs before Darksun, the Brahe Family keeps the legend of Brima alive so she is called upon as a Legendary Hero for what occurs in Glen’s Darksun campaign. Her original acts of heroism occurred hundreds of years ago.

Dragon Egg
prerequisite: Dragonborn, Dragon Sorcerer, or positive relationship to New Arkhosia
You have heard rumors that dragon eggs are being recovered from the Swiggen Bog. You desperately want to recover one for yourself.
What would you do with a dragon egg? Need a dragon egg for the family; may use it to be next in line? May get one for older brother?; Is it a source of magical power for you, political, or spiritual?
**Political power is what we need to maintain our legacy.


Middle child in Brahe Family in New Arkhosia from the capital, Chartown. The Brahe family is a noble “dragon rider” family and we use tough methods to maintain our power (whatever it takes). We are on the town council with 2 rival families. The family is not above employing magic users in secret to maintain their position in town and maintain their edge. The family does this in secret, publicly they are upstanding citizens and anyone who spreads vicious rumors that we shelter magic users doesn’t stay around for long. Just because we employee magic users doesn’t mean we like them or trust them. They are a tolerated evil, a tool, a means to an end. A family magic user would not be tolerated, therefore, I’m hiding my affinity for magic from my family. Discovery of my magical talents would get me banned from my family and I would do anything for my family. (Including learning magic to make my family stronger).

Karl (Mike) – is my brother who is the black sheep of the family. Most of the family barely tolerates him, but I support him because he’s family no matter what. We have a sibling rivalry relationship where he is always competing with me, but of course I do everything better. I know my brother hates magic users, but I’m trying to teach him the importance of keeping magic only for our family. I support his destruction of magic users that do not work for our family.

Dr Jones (Glen) – is the family physician. He takes care of the various not so legal injuries. He’s well traveled and knows his way around the trade and smuggling routes. He has filled my head with amazing stories of adventure. I’ve seen him do magic tricks with cards and I think magic is an important edge for my family to maintain their position of power. It would be helpful to take him with me to save my brother so he can repair our injuries, guide us to the Tower, etc.

Kellyn (Nick) – tbd

Ibaom (Robert) – is a friend of Mike’s that I discovered uses magic in secret. I keep having these dreams of magic and I’m afraid I’m destined for a dark path that my family will not support. I try to befriend Robert to help teach me to control / channel my magic appropriately. I need to learn how to hide the magic and to use it to keep my family in power. If Robert comes with me on my quest, I can study in secret to focus and develop my power to make my family stronger plus eye candy is always nice.

Cailove (Jessie) – need more info…

Katla Brahe

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