The Maze That Walks

Imagine if you will a massive snapping turtle. Now let’s make some changes to that snapping turtle.

First, lets make it leagues in length, so that it dwarves mountains. Then let’s give it two more legs. Lastly, lets have the top of this beast’s shell form a maze.

You’d have the Maze that Walks when you were done.

The Maze wanders span of the empire, usually, but not always, avoiding civilized areas. Nobody has ever been foolish enough to try to stop it. Anybody who has tried to commune with the monster either didn’t survive the experience, or isn’t telling of their discoveries.

What is known that the Maze has enough body heat to make the maze on it’s back into somewhat of a paradise. The maze is is lush with vegetation and game. However, the dividing nature of the maze has prevented settlers from forming much more than village sized communities. As a result, the maze is populated by barbaric societies, with members of all races, and a healthy (unhealthy?) amount of humanoids.

The maze is lorded over by a disparate organization of minotaurs, each claiming a portion of the maze for themselves. In most cases, they acts as little more than extortionists on the the communities they lord over, offering no leadership or protection on their subjects.

Folks will enter and egress the maze via the “Great Road”, which is the beast’s massive tail. This journey is fraught with danger, as the Maze never has been known to stop walking. As a result, most make this journey is the height of winter, then the snows have slowed the Maze enough to safely leap from the tail into a drift, or to snag the tail with a hook and climb aboard.

The Maze That Walks

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