Escaped Slave
prerequisite: none. Most likely a tiefling, but slavery is known in some of the vassal kingdoms as well.
You have escaped your captivity, and have fled to the farthest corner of the Empire. You need 1000 gp to buy yourself off.
How did you escape? What are you willing to do to ensure your freedom?

Chaos Iron
prerequisite: proficiency with smithing tools
You know a special technique that can be used to forge powerful weapons with Chaos Iron. Recent rumors have said that orcs in the region have been seen wielding weapons of Chaos Iron. You are consumed with the idea of finally making these powerful weapons your instructor taught you about.
Who was your instructor? Why doesn’t everybody know this special technique?

Lost God
prerequisite: not a cleric or paladin
Your family has passed down a prayer hymn for generations, but always in secret. The prayer was to a god you’ve never heard anybody else speak of. You always thought it was just a quaint family myth. However, you recently had a dream of a shrine to this god was in the The Twisted Tower of T’Tocs. You feel driven to discover the truth of this shrine.
Who is this deity that you have dreamed of?

Ghost Weed
prerequisite: positive or negative relationship to the Salassian Empire
A powerful soporific known as Ghostweed has been showing up in the core of the Empire. It was outlawed generations ago, but it is still being smuggled in. You want to discover the source.
Do you want to discover the source to squash it out, or to help get more Ghostweed into the capital?

Dragon Egg
prerequisite: Dragonborn, Dragon Sorcerer, or positive relationship to New Arkhosia
You have heard rumors that dragon eggs are being recovered from the Swiggen Bog. You desperately want to recover one for yourself.
What would you do with a dragon egg? Is it a source of magical power for you, political, or spiritual?

Kingdom of Thorns
prerequisite: Fey origin (gnome, elf, half-elf), Druid, or Ranger
Your family (if fey) or your trainer (if druid/ranger) told you stories about the fabled Kingdom of Thorns. Millennia ago, a feylord known as the Barbed Lord held his Throne of Thrones at the Hinterfast. You believe it is your destiny to find this Throne and reclaim the Kingdom of Thorns.
Do you want power for power’s sake, or do you have another goal?

Visions of Pandemonium
prerequisite: Divine worshipper of Pelor, Kord, Torog
You have had recurring visions sent from your divine patron. The show horrors of breach in this reality, known as the Pits of Pandemonium. Some force is growing in the Pits, and it is an affront to your god.
What are you willing to do to face his otherworldly horror?

Maze Exile
prerequisite: Maze That Walks origin
The Maze That Walks is composed of dozens of communities, and many of them are lorded over by a minotaur. One of those minotaur lords abandoned the Maze when it was last near the Pits of Pandemonium, claiming it could build an even greater maze their for its own.
Do you want revenge on this beast for something it did to your people? Or do you seek to master the rune-secrets it was said that this minotaur knew?

Broken Skull Tribe
prerequisite: half-orc, or Maze That Walks origin
A generation ago, the Maze That Walks was near the Pits of Pandemonium, and the fabled Broken Skull Tribe of orcs raided onto the Maze.
Do you want revenge on the tribe for this attack, or do you seek to finally find your heritage with the savage orcs?

Twisted Tower of T’Tocs
prerequisite: gnome/warforged (soul secret), wizard/warlock/wild sorcerer
The The Twisted Tower of T’Tocs looms near the Pits of Pandemonium, filled with legends of lost eldritch knowledge.
Are you a warforged (or a gnome creater of warforged), seeking an answer to the origin of your soul? Are you a arcanist, missing the pieces to an arcane puzzle that only T’Tocs was known to have solved?

Missing Relative
prerequisite: any
Last year, a close relative joined an adventuring band known The Seven Shield and Maidens. This band headed off to The Twisted Tower of T’Tocs for glory, but never returned. You are determined to find out the fate of your relative.
Who is this relative? What is your hope of their safe return?

prerequisite: any
Last year, the notorious scoundrel Wynni the Wise joined an adventuring band known The Seven Shield and Maidens. This band headed off to The Twisted Tower of T’Tocs for glory, but never returned. There is a 1000 gp bounty on Wynni the Wise, and you are determined to claim it.
What did Wynni do to earn such a large bounty? Do you want the bounty for the gold or the fame?


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