Mizgedat is the ancestral home to one of the nine clans of dwarves, and the only to be currently occupied by the dwarves. It is a massive and foreboding mountain, over the twice the height and breadth of its neighbors.

The mountain is famous as the source of Blood Salt. Veins of the red crystal flow throughout the mountain, and the mountain itself seems to facilitate the mining of it, with numerous natural tunnels spanning its breadth.

The dwarves of Mizgedat fought the empire for their sovereignty, but failed. were allowed to take the knee, in a sense. The royal family was promised sanction, but was instead forced to help build the Endless Stair in Throneseat. It is assumed that the royal descendants are now dead, but some believe they still labor on the Endless Stair.

The purview over Mizgedat was given to the Rixian family. The dwarves have been employed, but in a serfdom state, to mine the Blood Salt from the mountain. This is a delicate state, since the dwarves must be allowed remain a martial tradition to defend against the numerous dangerous creatures that come up from the depths of Mizgedat. Also, blood salt is a precious commodity, which much of the empire is dependent on, especially the imperial military. If the dwarves were able to seize Mizgedat again, it would be a serious blow to the Empire.

In recent years, Mizgedat has been spawning obelisks of Bloodsalt on the face of the mountain. The obelisks are covered with strange writings, and a group of Salassian monks have dedicated themselves to their deciphering. The farming of these obelisks for their blood salt has been outlawed, which has created a great conflict between the monks and everybody else on the mountain.


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