Over the centuries, a gnomish community began to form on the edge of the Yuan’sarran sea. The gnomes discovered numerous small automatons, splashing in the surf, seemingly drawn into the sea but reluctant to enter. They collected these machines, took them apart, fixed them, combined them, and generally tinkered away.

Over the generations, they have continued to build. They have been able to trade their creations far and wide, and then use their proceeds to build even more. They have built the Clockwork Kingdom of Mechanus.

The Kingdom is a chaotic mismatch of “fiefdoms”, each ruled by a Chief Mechanist. A Chief Mechanist is usually more interested in a specific production or discovery than the actual vagaries of rulership. One might lord over a factory for Warforged, and other would spend his days delving into a steam powered rail system.

Strangely enough, the Kingdom has no king. Most of the gnomes insist there will be a king some day, but they just haven’t gotten around to crowning one. There are simply more interesting things to do.


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