House Rules

[in development]

On a trial basis, we’ll be doing group initiative. Everybody rolls initiative. If you beat all of my monsters, you are in the “before the monsters” group. Everybody in that group acts in whatever order you want (as a group). Then my monsters go. Then all of the players go.

  1. Any conflict on “I go before you” is resolved by a contested initiative check. Otherwise, it’s whomever speaks up first.
  2. Yes, this means if you beat the monsters, you get an “extra” turn, at least compared to the other players. So, getting advantage on initiative is gravy. I will likely grant said advantage in situations where you are kicking down the door, but don’t necessarily have surprise. (i.e. there’s been strange noises that might have been combat, so us goblins are very alert!)
  3. In general, move the mini, or roll the dice for an action, and you did it. No take backs.

Attacks of Opportunity
We’ll be using the 4e rules (kinda). AOOs occur when you move out of a threatened square, but they still use your reaction.

Flanking will use the 4e rules, and grants advantage on melee attacks.

House Rules

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