There are limited gods in the Grey Empire. Refer to their 4th edition compendium entries as default, but some

Asmodeus is largely unchanged. His cults are highly secretive, but it is rumored that he is revered by some of the decadent mortal nobles of Throneseat. His following is also gaining a foothold in the dwarves of Mizgedat. Those dwarves know of the “freedom” Asmodeus was able to grant their duergar brethen and some chafe at the hold the Empire has on them.

“The Green”
The Green is a faceless force of nature, and has no organized clergy. Druids and rangers draw their power from her. Most believe the green is the shattered remnants of the goddess Melora.

Kord was known as “The Godslayer” in the Fallen Empire, killing several gods, including finally, his brother Bane. Many of his worshipers feel that he feels remorse for these actions, and is taking on a more heroic mantle.
As a result, Kord is currently leaning towards neutral good, and is taking on Avandra’s aspects of “Change, Freedom & Luck”.

Io left the world to go into sequestration, but he is now being drawn by the worship of both the dragonborn of [Bekilk di Iteshk]] and the inhabitants of New Arkhosia.
Io has the aspects of both Bahamut [Hope, Justice, Protection] and Tiamat [Strife, Vengeance] and the additional aspect of [Community].
His following can be a bit divided as a result of all these aspects, commonly picking the ones they like and ignoring the rest.
note: Can only grant up to 3rd level spells.

Lolth always had the domains of Darkness & Trickery, but she has now added Evil and Demons to her portfolio. She rules over the Abyss now, having usurped Demogorgon.

Nerull has returned, and taken up the mantles of Death, Winter and Fate, mostly from the fallen Raven Queen. His power over the unclaimed dead is feared by all mortals, and it is said he simply devours them. Others say he pounds the souls to dust as mortar for his Undying Keep. Most find the least distasteful god to worship rather than let their soul fall to Nerull on their death.
Unlike the other gods, Nerull derives little power from worship, but most from unclaimed souls. His few worshipers are hunted mercilessly by the Salassian clergy, since Sala greatly desires the Death domain.

Pelor was returned from his captivity by Lolth, but he was not returned intact. He retains the Sun and Life domains, but lost the “Hope” domain to Kord. Pelor’s efforts are mostly behind simply keeping the feeble sun from going out completely.
Pelor is only able to grant up to 3rd level spells.

Sala as taken up Vecna’s domains of Knowledge, Undeath, & Secrets. Her priests largely focus on the third aspect, keeping all knowledge secret if they can, and reveling in the ignorance inflicted on others.
Sala was responsible for building the Endless Stair, and most believe she has climbed it to gain her ascension full godhood.
Nevertheless, she still only grants up to 3rd level spells. This may be because she hasn’t truly ascended, or maybe it’s because she doesn’t like sharing. [look in the dictionary under big jerk].

Torog is the most changed of the old gods. He has been expulsed from the Underdark by Lolth, freeing him from his eternal imprisonment. He has lost the Earth domain as a result, but still has the Torment domain. He has gained the Freedom and Hope domains, and is now neutral. He has followers that are still much like his old torture-happy following, but also worshipers that see his redemption through suffering as inspiring.

There are still some unknown/undecided deific sources of power out there. Some are still locked away in the Outer Planes, with no contact. Others could be new powers, waiting to be awakened.


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