To get a grasp of the lay of the land, and the distances involved, use North America as a guide

The capital of the Salassian Empire, Throneseat, lies in Kansas.

New Arkhosia, home of the Hinterfast campaign, occupies the east coast where the Carolinas are found. The Atlantic Ocean is better known as the Unborn Sea

To the west, the Rocky Mountains are a natural barrier with the Shava’ran empire of Hobgoblins, who occupy Utah. The mountains themselves hold Mount Ruunyaheren in Colorado and Mizgedat in Wyoming.

The Clockwork Kingdom of Mechanus has been built on the shores of Texas. The Yuan’sarran sea is the equivalent of the Caribbean.

The Great Glacier occupies all of Canada, and the Winter Court of the elves can be found in Quebec.

The rest isn’t detailed yet.


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