Everflame is a elemental oddity that is collected from the lavaflows of Mount Ruunyaheren. It is a fire that does not need fuel, so in normal conditions, it never extinguishes. Some claim that it appears different than a normal fire, but most cannot tell the difference. This flame does not create smoke either, which only increases its value.

Everflame does need air to burn, and it can be snuffed out by a stiff breeze just like any other flame. Accordingly, everflames are protected inside of lantern-like contraptions, to shield them of from a stray gust. These bronze and glass contraptions are the primary export of Mechanus.

Everflames are discovered in varying sizes, with the larger flames being the rarest and most valuable.

A “finger” is a candle sized everflame, and very common. They are kept in lantern-sized devices, and sell typically for 5 gp. It is suitable only for light, as the small bit of heat it gives is insufficient to cook or keep a person warm.

A “fist” is a torch-sized everflame, usually used as small stove. These everflames sell for 50 gp, and are suitable to warm a small tent or cook a small meal.

A “maw” is campfire-sized everflame, and is usually stationary inside of a home or tavern. It can warm a building, cook a meal, and light the room. These everflames sell for 500 gp.

A “dragon” is anything significantly larger than a “maw”, with the sizes varying wildly. A huge hearth of a noble’s castle will often have a dragon everflame, and there are many stories of even larger everflames on the lavaflows that are the size of a house and cannot be harvested.


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