Grimdark Empire

A Quick Exit
Reflect well on your forefather's choices.

It was another day, same as any other. Karl was hanging out with the rabble being grumpy about is dad. Katla was being annoying by doing everything Karl didn’t agree with. Kellyn was being strong armed into doing more ocean voyages that he didn’t enjoy (strange for a sailor). Rhia was off wishing she could get high at her massage parlor. Doctor Jones and I were doing our best to do nothing much at all and enjoy the hospitality of our host.

Then the place started on fire. A bit worrisome that. Normally I start the place on fire, by accident for sure, and so I thought this must have been me. Investigating was quick to reveal it was not. Some leftovers of a family, Parkers or something, were bothered by the stomping out of their clan. The patriarch of the Brahes, Braun Brahe, wiped them out some time ago. Not all of them apparently. And these Parkers had friends two other families were also doing their best to murder and pillage; pillage and murder. Damn, and I really liked being a blacksmith here.

After grabbing my pack I found Doctor Jones along with the rest of the group in his office. Seems Kellyn got word from some of his peasant friends that there was to be an attack and they decided to let him know so as he would be sure not to miss it. Most heart breaking was word that Braun Brahe was dead; he really welcomed individuals with talents such as my own around. It was a chance for some stability in my life.

Pretty quickly things went out of control. My compatriots had to murder some people and I watched. We met up with INSERTMANSNAME and his INSERTSONSNAME. We also ran into INSERTMANWHOKNOWSWHEREBODIESBURIEDNAME. Then my compatriots killed some more people and I watched. Around this time Kellyn was to go get food with me. He protested, not wanting to leave Doctor Jones’ side. It seems Doctor Jones owes Kellyn one ship; burnt down or something. Makes me wonder if all those other burnings I’ve been blamed for are really my fault.

We ended up leaving without food and went off to the cellars. We met up with some gents who didn’t want to talk. My friends murdered them and I watched. Some people left excited about the treasury. They came back later shoulders slump with defeat. Some other people left and came back the same.

By this time the place was REALLY burning so we escaped into a not so secret escape route via a sewer. Half way through we were attacked by rats. Not just some rats but whole piles of the buggers. Weapons didn’t seem to do as much to piles of rats as it did actual people. I really must say that though I promised not to use my powers in public or in the manor, I didn’t realize that our present members of the manor did not know about me. I figured everyone close to the family knew the Braun was keeping arcane casters. And well, since this was neither public nor in the manor I helped out. Boy was I wrong. INSERTSONNAME was all frightened of me and people were screaming about witch non-sense. Karl went on his devil rant again. I think he practices that rant when no one else is around so he can get just the right amount of melodrama.

Anyway we made it out of the sewers with half the group swearing to burn me on a pyre and most of the others probably thinking it. I was happy, the circumstances seemed rather safe all in all considering. Then Katla spotted a look out. She notified the group that a runner has gone off to alert our attackers. At least we are near the docks, perhaps Kellyn can get us somewhere safe. I really need to do something about all the witch burning talk too.

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