The Conclave


The Conclave is the parliamentary government of the Empire.

However, this government is massively dysfunctional for several reasons.

First, they are not the true power. The Twenty are the true power, but they prefer to let the muddy work of government be done by others.

Second, the membership of the Conclave is in not democratically decided. Seats in the Conclave are hereditary, purchased, or granted by the Conclave by popular vote. Each seat has a varying degree of voting and parliamentary power. There can be seats that cannot vote, but wield great regulatory and procedural power.

Any voting seat has a number of “bones” to the seat, which can skew wildly. Each bone counts as a single vote in a motion, so some seats are vastly more powerful than others. There are currently 912 bones in the Conclave, but there’s always political maneuvers being made to add bones.


The Conclave

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