Half-Elf Ranger, Sailor, Sharpshooter


Race: Half-Elf
Class: Ranger (possibly MC into Rogue)
Alignment: Neutral (very open)


Str: 8
Dex: 16
Con: 10
Int: 9
Wis: 12
Cha: 12

HP: 10



Profession: Sailor/Crossbow-slinger

Appearance: Exceptionally pale of skin and hair, Kellyn’s half-elven heritage is plain to see once his wide-brimmed hat is removed. Good-looking with a ready smile, wears layers of leather with a long leather coat. A ludicrously large crossbow hangs from his back and a hand crossbow dangles from his belt. Rows upon rows of crossbow bolts crisscross his torso and waist in bandoliers.

Personality: Gregarious and friendly, Kellyn has a silly sense of humor quite in-contrast to his startling appearance. He’s easy to speak with and his disarming personality endear him to others readily. He is a steady smoker, often rolling his own cigarettes. Gambling is a favored hobby, be it dice, cards, roulette, or any game of chance.

Background: Sailor

Personality Trait: Friendly and welcoming, I consider all strangers just future friends.

Ideal: I’m restless and bored. I need to experience new things and have an endless curiosity.

Bond: With no remaining family, I am desperately attached to my friends within the city.

Flaw: I have an addictive personality, and little impulse control. Gambling, drugs, and alcohol are all vices I thoroughly enjoy.


Karl/Katla: Kellyn’s father was a self-made entrepreneur who owned a sizable import/export merchant company dealing in all manner of foreign and domestic trade. For the vast majority of his childhood, Kellyn’s father was very close with the Brahe family. Growing up, Karl and Katla were “work friends” who occasionally played together during “Family Business”. Unfortunately, Kellyn’s addictive and impulsive behavior is genetic, and upon his death Kellyn’s father’s estate drowned in massive debt. The entire business and family wealth was divided up and sold to various debtors, ending Kellyn’s relatively posh upbringing. Fortunately, while not terribly close Kellyn remains polite and courteous friends with the Brahe family and occasionally performs odd jobs and various ship/merchant related tasks for them to make ends meet.

Dr. Jones: A gambling friend, Dr. Jones and Kellyn have gambled and gamed together for years. Dr. Jones’ tales of adventure inspire Kellyn to reach for more than the outland town has to offer.

Cailove: The only other Fey Kellyn knows, Cailove introduced the half-elf to the wonders of Ghostweed during his teenage years and a steadfast and loyal friendship based on respect and drugs remained solid as Kellyn grew to adulthood.

Ibaom: Need more info. It says “Smithy”, perhaps there is a relationship between the Kellyn’s father’s business and the smith trade?


Kingdom of Thorns – Kellyn’s human father doesn’t speak much, least of all about Kellyn’s fey mother. Upon his father’s death, Kellyn discovered a journal from his mother, dog-eared and time-worn, that describes various references to the Hinterfast and the Winter Court in general…a vile, alien, and disturbing familial connection for a simple New Arkhosian half-elf.

Ghostweed – Kellyn’s addictive personality is drawn to this expensive and forbidden weed, and he truly feels that Ghostweed is a gateway to new and exciting levels of enlightenment.


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