Doctor Jones / Simon Tam

Charlatan Smuggler


ORIGEN (class = arcane trickster)

Born in the Sallasian Empire, Simon Tam aspired to join the clergy as arcane magic secretly intrigued him. Unfortunately even though he showed a tiny degree of magical talent he was simply far to weak and not smart enough to continue that training. With no other means of supporting himself he turned to criminal ways to earn his coin.

STR 12
DEX 16
INT 9 ( negative stat as a caster boo yah)
WIS 10
CHR 14


Feature: false identity with papers and established acquaintances (Doctor Jones)
Scheme: I cheat at games of chance
Trait: I am a born gambler an cannot resist taking a risk for potential payoff
Trait: I lie about almost everything even when there is no reason to
Ideal: Independence, ,I am a free spirit. No one tells me what to do (chaotic)
Bond: I fleeced the wrong person and now work to never cross paths with them again
Flaw: I can’t resist swindling people more powerful than me

While in the empire my criminal ways got me into deep trouble. Cheating at a game of chance just to embarrass a powerful person I earned a lifetime enemy. In order to keep alive my true identity of Simon Tam became hidden behind the disguise of Doctor Jones who is a world traveling explorer and medic. This cover has provided me a great excuse to smuggle items across borders in medical supplies that the average border guard is unsure how to handle. After a while Doctor / Simon even became pretty good at his covers story and is now a passable medic.


I am involved with smuggling ghost weed and wouldn’t mind cornering the market on that for my own profit. Perhaps I can earn enough cash this way to buy a fancy assassin to remove the threat of my powerful enemy.


New Arkhosia: nice enough to travel in, but ruled by delusional Dragon obsessed folks
Salassian Empire: scary place to travel with their ignorance and fear of witches. I am afraid that my smattering of arcane talent and my powerful enemy up there will get me in trouble.

Lisa: she seems enchanted by my tales of world travel and some of those are not even lies. I do my best to keep on her good side as the security of her family and group I hope will protect me from my enemy ( not that I ever bothered to tell them I am hunted). In return I provide services as a medic and guide to the world drawing on knowledge gained in smuggling . If I can help her rise in power then she can provide me with even more protection later.

Mike: he hates arcane casters, which is good enough of a reason for me to keep far away from him. Should he learn my arcane nature I may have to get rid of him in a way that lets me keep favor with Lisa. I avoid him whenever possible out of fear and mistrust.

Robert: a nice enough person but an arcane caster that is to open with his magic. I am certain he will be declared a witch. He is also far to reckless with his castings and appears to not have control over his powers. I try to keep away from him in public so I am not associated with any folly that I think will be coming his way eventually that involves angry mobs with torches looking to burn witches. But in private settings I don’t mind his company.

Nick: I have known him long enough and value him as a friend that I don’t even cheat at gambling with him … most of the time. As a long time smuggler and doctor I have tried to steer him away from ghost weed because I fear what it will do to him. If possible I will try to control the source of ghostweed in such a way to ensure that he never gets access to it for his own good..

Jesse: her personality may be the result of the long term effects of ghostweed so that alone is worth further study in case Nick should ever get addicted to it. I encourage her chaotic personality as it amuses me the way her antics annoy others.


Doctor Jones / Simon Tam

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